To create maintenance in the bathroom: the WC

An important part of a bathroom overhaul is the installation of aqueduct, including setting of a toilet bowl. To install the restroom, It is possible to invite plumbing, but in principle it is possible to do it yourself. For those who get decided to establish the lavatory on their own, we offer approximately council and guidance. The WC starts from the moment when you decided to make a washroom maintenance and substitute the lavatory. First you require to solve what you request to bowl. For right selection earlier installing the bathroom must be determined with nuances: the method of fixation to the sewage pipe sizing washroom (especially relevant in small and combined with private toilets). To find out what size bowl is for you, measure their distance from the sewer to the wood door – the sizing of the washroom need be twice menshimEsli you demand a high-quality and inexpensive overhaul wiring – electrician for an hour is what you wish. The general style of dressing-apartment – the WC must be done when along taken bod overall style of the apartment, the washroom need meet him substance for the washroom – basically, contemporary toilets are made of porcelain or of plastic material Once you get decided on the basic characteristics of the restroom, go shopping. Take your time to visit a few shops, the range and compare prices. Installing the washroom does not tolerate haste. Think some how to pick the country of manufacture (the most reliable are bowls, made in Sweden and Finland, but their value is appropriate), what brand. Once selected, check the bathroom – for damage, so properly how accessories. The preparatory phase of the WC is complete. We may proceed to set the lavatory. The first thing to do – to block the water. It should turn off the tap directly into the feed water tank. If it is not, or could not block it completely shut off all the coldness water in the apartment.

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