Nuances range shower bath

More and more people every day abandon the ordinary cast iron bathtubs, giving its preference douche China. So, earlier taking such a resolution to beginning to To think of some all the nuances. After giving up the bath, you can not soak in it, but so purchase the douche free up area. If you still decide to substitute the bath for a shower bath, so to buy a douche must be taken very seriously. If your toilet is, unluckily, not however lovely, the best fit shower bath bath. It differs from an ordinary douche that has no back wall, by the way, this variation will cost you a some bit cheaper. Shower enclosure consists of a tray and doors. He leans against the corner, laid out wash tiles. The doors are of two types: Double, this is a standard option, and sliding, which open on the similarity wardrobe. Typically, the doors are made of safety glass and acrylic. Glass doors will cost more, how, and the battery life is much duration. But look a some nicer acrylic. They can be self-colored, transparent or colored decorated various drawings. Svorki doors covered with a water-repellent filling to reduce moisture, but do not do it all manufacturers, so be careful. On the sides of the wood doors are rubber seals, which dish up however a sealant to prevent h2o scatter. Typically, they are some ten years, but if they may be easily replaced. Manufacturers showers offer pallets of different shapes: space, angular, deep and low. Please note that any pan want possess a ribbed surface, so that when you take a shower not suffered a sad fate, slipping, harming their health. Tray may be purchased separately from the wood doors or the same with them so a set. They are made of acrylic, ceramic and metal. Choosing pallet to draw attention to the frame durability of the valves. However strong it may be checked by holding it with hands and create an attempt to undermine it. If you suffer a failure, it means a strong frame and high grade. If you are doing a washroom overhaul, it has a goodness chance to save money and buy a cheap shower. All you claim is built into the floor trap, however that water flows, and to using the h2o hose to the mixer. Wall can be built with the drywall, then it oblitsevat floor tile. All that is left is to hang the wood door swing type. But yet much easier and safer to buy a ready-made shower, however you choose.

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