Where and so to get to overhaul the restroom

Modern man is hard to imagine life without the possibility of hot water and take a bath. And, bearing and nurturing ideas for repairs in the apartment, we always need to create a comfortable and lovely bathroom. Rehabilitation restroom – a laborious process, and not the like as you and I would possess liked. From my experience I know that even the most attentively planned restructuring plan, there are approximately unexpected items. The farther into the woods, the steeper the guerrillas. And indeed, however kovyrnesh, it appears that it is required to substitute the rusty pipes of Soviet minutes, but at the same time move the bath of bored corner to another, fresh… And change the wiring to the more powerful, raschitanuyu for current heaters and dryers… And yet get to To think of some the notion of redevelopment Bathroom expense of certain things… To install the floor tiles… And the ceilings! start to think approximately it, and it seems that we want not even attempt. But once again while bathing instead of relaxing, you gaze at the roof, looking into the intricacies of cracks and cracks familiar shape, makes the interesting shapes, squinting eye on kafelinku, ready to dive into the wall directly to you in the foam, and you will once again visit the notion that you just need a restroom renovation. Having made the decision, take the time to grab a deal. Rehabilitation bathroom is a difficult task. Required there to be a serious approach. To beginning, try to briefly give some summary of useful tips for those who still dare to do repairs in the restroom with his hands. Remember that the beauty of the inside – not the main, and only one of the main task of renovation work. The most important are all the work. How, for you, dismantling of all that you consider unnecessary. Installation of h2o and sewage. Wiring. Matching of walls and wood floor – to prepare them for laying wall tiles. Laying floor tile. Renovation of old or fresh setting ceiling. Construction santehnikiPodklyuchenie plumbing fixtures to water and sewer sistemamGeneralnaya cleaning. The long-awaited demonstration of man-made masterpiece of his family. First of all, decide what It is possible to do yourself, and what part of renovating a restroom invite experts.

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