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Small restroom design presents about difficulties due to the little size of the apartment. However, this does not mean that, starting to renovation the toilet and beautify, It is possible to not even try to give it some originality, for a washroom plays a important role in our lives. That begins with it our morning, we come here to washing away tiredness and cheerfulness, however it is very important that even in this apartment how a small lavatory, we were surrounded by style and beauty. The best option – apply the services of specialists, done which in no time will be made under the private key from the original design of the project, but if you want to save money on repairs, you can test yourself how a designer space. To avoid mistakes, choosing the design for a small washroom, you wish to remember about of the rules of registration of premises. “Read more…” Even the smallest bathroom may be decorated tastefully with a few simple tricks. In the design of a small restroom, It is possible to add to a few simple lower-cost items to the lavatory seemed quite new. Often in these toilet do not enjoy windows and it reduces the area of the rooms even more. If even in the restroom and there is a window, just a couple of errors in styling may do it close. With thoughtful option of colors and a few helpful tips on design, you can do your restroom more in no time. Small refinement will do the rooms more functional and the bathroom will be a valuable part of your cottage. Maintenance komnatyDizayn little bathroom little washroom and maintenance should be done attentively. Walls, roofs, trim and maintenance otdelkaVypolnyaya small bathroom, apply lightness colors for the walls. Modest shade can create the room even more than the rich color of the walls. The darker the color, the placement seems smaller. Pick the color that would be good combined with accessories such however towels. You can try the finished wallpaper or paint the walls a decorative coating. The background should be lightness, and the color is alone slightly darker. Stick to the lightest shades. Blanch the new roof covering. You might think that the ceiling is OK, but you’ll see however it goes darkness and time for a new layer of whitewash. Looked up to the ceilings, its dressing should be present brighter tone than the walls washroom. If the walls are very bright, using white roof finishing. Depth and richness provides a coldness colored color. Contemporary designers recommend ceramic wall tile with blue and darkness blue. Offers a huge collection of such substance. Do not be afraid of saturated colors. Pastel colors give warmth bathroom design (especially with its little sizing), but with the help of accessories necessary to put bright accents. This will create the capacity of adequate washroom. Of red or browned colors visually limit space of the room. Shiny object and a major figure lead to the same. To throw in a rooms lavatory spaciousness better use cold darkness color. Bright mosaic will add diversity lavatory, how excess is not recommended. All trims possess to be painted white. Deco moldings append height and increase the space of the rooms. Coverage for polaDlya to enlarge the rooms, create a light wood floor. If you demand to lay ceramic wash tile, like many homeowners, an average sizing of shine wall tiles 15×20 cm Little wall tiles reduce the sizing of the apartment. Little washroom design is not entirely successful, if we do not take care of mirrors. Use of mirrors will allow you to “increase” the restroom, giving it elegancy and freedom. Of course their size and number of a question of taste. When choosing a wash tile for the lavatory repair need pay attention to its size. Large tiles visually narrow area. Wash tile sizing of approximately 20×30 inches would be the best solution for a little washroom. Floor tile larger visually reduces sense of depth. This wall tile is to be placed on the wall when seting vertically, ensuring that a great visual height of the rooms. To visually expand the apartment laying floor wall tiles need be done on the diagonal.

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