Wash tile and ceramic tile

So a finish works of substance ceramic wall tile used in ancient minutes. Practicality of care create it suitable so a beautify and in an rooms, and in the mansion. The alone difference is the cost. Tiles for the washroom is the most hygienic surface. Laying wash tile most difficult matter in the whole complex of works to overhaul the restroom. Even renovation the bath itself, restore its coverage is less time consuming itrebuyuschim attention. There are a number of nuances of technology jobs that may lead to serious consequences in the next. First create sure that the selected tile is really designed for laying wherever and planned for the floor or walls, so they incorrectly selected wash tile will enjoy a short lifespan. Floor tile, it karamicheskaya, however hard, to be done at capital base – a concrete block or plaster, or, however it was not produced capacity styling, based on an unreliable complete time can crack the wash tile. If you can not be laid on a solid foundation, and you have to lay wash tiles on a wooden floor or on the wall of plasterboard or chipboard / OSB, to track down to the ground was the most severe. To do this, if possible, enhance the framework, or at least so to gain a firm foothold sheets. Before laying the wall tiles you demand more or less level surface: plaster or zashpatlevat hole, knock projections, etc. And to improve adhesion of the surface on which the wash tiles are placed, you primed, so it puluchshit quality fixing wall tiles. Right to get laying the floor tiles on the floor, forming a placement surface, which may so be guided by placement the tiles on the wall.

Refurbishing flats

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