Cook room repair in 8 meters – no problem!

What is a “small kitchen”? It is believed that this is the kitchen with an space less than 8 space meters. M, so rightly so placement with larger space, but the non-standard layout, with narrow, uninterrupted, with the improperly angles and other “quirks” of architects. What do you do if you are the owner of such a “non-standard”? Attentively To think of as much you are willing to distinguish area on the working space and home instruments which subjects you require to keep on mitt. Fridge, stove, dishwasher – optimum establish for the kitchen. The washing machine is potential and logical place in the toilet. The sum of the lengths of sides of the work space need be in the range of 3 to 6 meters. This may be achieved right apportioned objects. If the sink and the stove is in a convenient put for you is difficult because of attachment to a drain or outlet, the refrigerator, you can safely move anywhere. But first must accurately consider electrical wiring diagram and plan accommodation outlets and switches. If you decide to move the cooker, be sure to consider the length of the gas supply hose or electrical cable and the ability to broach covertly or in cable ducts. It is significant to consider what you keep posted in the cook room, whether it is suitable for all users, whether bear the full load, would not overheat. You want not have the stove and sink next to each other: scatter on the hot burner or open flame quite dangerous. Better betwixt them to put the cutting table or nightstand. In the extreme case is suitable sink with a “wing” (more surface) of the plate. If you get a gas stove, it is placed at a distance of 30 cm from the wood window – to avoid blowing the fire. Of course, most current boards are equipped with gas-control system, but it is better to err. If the assumed long wood window curtains, add to extra area, or expose to fire in case of wind. If the oven wood door opens forward, away from its facade to the opposite wall or furniture must be at least 1.2 meters, how you could easily remove the pan. Choosing wall cabinets, consider the height of the roof and the growth owners. Ordinary distance recommended by the manufacturer of kitchen furniture is 60 centimeter from the table top to the bottom shelves. If you set up the hood did not, so complete the stove better not hang up: shelves, items, so properly however the sides or ends of the hanging cabinets and shelves next to the cooker will be salted fat. Therefore it is better to put a forced ventilation or push wall shelves at 30 centimeter from the edge of the slab. If you properly use all the food, right to calculate the work area, and your small cook room will be a pleasant put to stay and food creation.

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