Council for those who are doing repairs on their own

A few tips for those who decided not to ordering the styling project and the services of a specialized construction company. Planning a renovation in an placement? People who are not limited in the means, you can refer to the service of a specialized rehabilitation and development company that will take complete the whole cycle of works from production styling to cleaning later repairs. But what some those who are not able to take the contractor and does not keep the means to pay for a styling project? Future layout of the apartment is quite possible to cultivate independently and conduct repair on their own. Initially keep to sit on the drawings. Those who know as to work in limited programs such so ArchiCAD or 3D Studio Max, it will be very easy to portray himself lay flat. A person who is not a PC user, it may be up to the challenge how-called. “Antiquated” way. Require to measure the dimensions of all the rooms and draw a diagram of the room on the paper to scale. Do not forget to use to the drawing window and wood door openings. Next you want to measure the items of furniture and paint them (also to scale) on a bit of cardboard, so cut out and thus inscribe (sofa, chair, table, etc.). Now It is possible to try different apartment furniture, rearrange it, to experiment on paper or computer screen for so long how you find the best version for yourself the furniture in the placement. So, the ideal schematic model is selected. Currently you can beginning drawing up estimates – based on what it is you need to do in the apartment, and by what means to do as possess. Having defined a list of indispensable substances, It is possible to go to the shops and evolution markets. Now the maintenance materials are no longer scarce, and the existing range and allows you to buy expensive imported items, and its cheap counterparts. The first phase of overhaul – leveling concrete floors. If the wiring in your house is old, it want be replaced, set new outlets and switches. If you outline to change the radiators, pipes, inside and exterior doors, establish new windows – all this must also be done at an early stage, when there are all the dirty work. To align the walls and floors may be either mortar console (or its equivalent), or an normal cement-sand mortar of grade 150. Particular attention need be paid to matching angles. Once you enjoy confirmed that the walls and corners perfectly apartment, it’s time to set electric outlets and switches, replacing windows and wood doors. Later that move to the following stage: Shpatlevanie ceiling and walls. This procedure need be carried out in multiple passes, polishing each layer later drying it. The only way to attain a big property coating. Following is the turn of the floores. Which floor to select – decide yourself, based on their own tasting. Fortunately, the selection of today is great enough: Carpet, decking artificial organic, timbered flooring, linoleum, etc. So – wall covering, setting of wood door casings and baseboards. Approximately advice for finish: – first “candidates” for renovation – suite – the placement to do better, starting with long-range, and gradually run to the front wood door – the latest maintenance loggia or balcony, during the repair of these placement can be used for storage of building tools and materials. And you had to experience the element called “renovation”? Share the secrets of how you managed to go done it

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