How to renovation a restroom by yourself?

If we take the repairs of toilets in the Khrushchev, we should To wishlist that this landmark outline includes not alone the toilet, and a bath with a sink. It is from these considerations, and determined the required list of operations. The sequence of repairs combined sanuzlaNachinaem renovation bathrooms with their own hands by removing traces of paint, cracked plaster and old floor tiles from the floor, walls and ceilings. If the wall tile is held firmly on the wood floor, so it can be left as a base for the new wash tile, which will be laid in the bathtub and bathroom repair. Freed surfaces are cleaned from the remains of floor tile adhesive to the concrete base, big cracks if indispensable zashpaklevyvayutsya grout. Future to overhaul a lavatory and toilets include the replacement of valves and liner pipe to the restroom sink and washroom. Be sure to do this, even if there are no leaks: the old tubes enjoy accumulated a huge amount of mud and iron oxides. This combined washroom repairs can be done independently, but plumbers yet have to call them to cut off the h2o supply to the riser. Vertical sewerage system can be left, but it is better to substitute the horizontal when establishing lavatory. This is done at the same time and preferably speedily, because without the washroom in a comfortable apartment will not live long. When repairs combined bathroom in the Khrushchev on the wood floor wash tiles laid on top of which will be attached bathroom. It is possible to of course establish it on a concrete base, but then when replacing water conduit have to parse tiled floor. Without refining wall rehabilitation little restroom is simply impossible. The most viable variant – it is glazed floor tiles. Stick it on the wall may any neophyte. Combined lavatory renovation and lavatory finishes on the ceilings: it may be done from a suspended of plastic material or metal panels. Where to start maintenance bathrooms? First determines this design area and select substances to overhaul toilet. Their texture and color will be the basis of comfort in an updated washroom. In many ways, sharing a bathroom renovation may do yourself, but for the replacement of equipment and pipes is better to find a goodness specialist. Using council on rehabilitation lavatory, given by more experienced friends and family, be sure to consider, and whether they are relevant for your particular room.

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