Waterproofing Washroom

When renovating a lavatory walls are made of ceramic wall tiles, but the wall tiles absolutely no protection against Vod, which leads to moisture. If the toilet decorated with wash tiles waterproof, but the moisture penetrates the walls and floor through the seams and cracks around pipes, pan, toilet. If moisture penetrates deeply, it may effect in damage to the structure. H2o vapor also causes mold and fungus, it seeps done the wall of the restroom and mold fungi to spread to other adjoining apartment. In order to protect the design of the apartment moisture create waterproof washroom. Waterproofing vannoyGidroizolyatsiyu bathroom doing different methods. The main ones are: 1. Surface primer. Conducted after wet and very dry floor screed, plaster or plasterboard walls, floor, and when the walls of the toilet ready for finishing, with reinforcement of soil preparation. When laying wood floor tiles primarily to align the floor with cement or plaster resolution. 2. “Wet” and “wet” areas. Such zones were formed in constant contact with the h2o, is the wood floor and the wall outside the toilet or douche. 3. Zone placing douche. Moisture barrier on the wall you need to display more than 20 centimeters above the mounting soul, and to be sure to bring reliability to ceilings. On each position of the insulation should go up to 50 cm beyond the shower. Scheme gidroizolyatsiiPravilnaya waterproofing – Waterproofing of bail uspehaDlya spetsialistaSuschestvuet better to invite: 1. Waterproofing troll and plus there is a little cost and big availability of materials. Cons: – laboriousness – persistent strong odor of bitumen – bonding rolls to the burner – additional tie – a lot of weight and sizing of the roll. 2. Mastic polyurethane waterproofing – the most reliable contemporary waterproofing. Plus, this waterproof is: – screed – resistance to micro-organisms – small thickness – 1.5 mm – fixing floor tiles on the waterproofing layer – a convenient, economical package Cons: strong smell, how you must always be aired.

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